About us

The appear.in team currently consist of 18 people, and operates as an independent startup within the incubator environment of Telenor Digital. Telenor Digital (and it predecessor Comoyo) have been working with in-house development of communication products based on WebRTC since 2012. The long term ambition for appear.in is to create a global communication service that users love and use frequently.

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Ingrid Ødegaard

Co-founder, CEO & Product Development Manager

Ingrid loves working in the intersection between tech, design and business, and has her vision set on changing the way people work. Having started her career right when the iPhone was launched has shaped her vision of what a good user experience should be, and her experience from startup companies, media and volunteer organizations sure come in handy often in the appear.in team. She believes people work best when they have colleagues they trust and can have fun together with, and also have a direct relationship with users of the product. To avoid becoming too comfortable she has taken up kitesurfing as a new hobby, and during winter time she can frequently be seen coming into the office with a ski bag on Fridays.

Dag-Inge Aas

Software Engineer & Tech Lead for appear.in Premium

Dag-Inge once used to be the youngest member of the appear.in team. Today, he is still among the youngsters in age but the most experienced when it comes to both code and candy cabinet orders. He is an idealist at heart, and has previously been the Head of IT for the biggest international student festival in the world (ISFiT). He enjoys talking (sometimes perhaps a bit too much), and especially in front of a willing crowd. Currently the resident Angular.JS expert on the team, always trying to make sense of the weirdness. When asked to come up with a random word, "cake" always comes to mind first.

Bradley T. Hughes

Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead for appear.in

Brad is obsessed with code and anything that can run code, both professionally and privately. He considers himself a humble and modest person, always looking for ways to better himself and the code he and the team produces. He firmly believes that everything should “just work,” and that “good enough” is anything but…

Stig-Erland Hansen

Software Engineer

Stig-Erland is one of the old timers in Telenor Digital, having worked on many different projects requiring skills both on the frontend and backend. Originally a java guy, he was at one point known as "mr Payment", but has since then converted to the world of javascript by embarking on a rollercoaster ride, as so many before him, filled with joy and pain. Luckily it ended well and he is currently the "Chrome Extension" guy on the team. He is probably the only guy on the team being remotely interested in football, and he is a passionate Sarpsborg 08 supporter.

Trond-Kjetil Bremnes

Software Engineer

TK was born at a very young age, and was raised up north beyond the reach of the sun. He still can't handle temperatures above 25 centigrades. In the appear.in party he's the CSS bard – he gets a design and makes it happen. With animations. Other interests include traveling and beer, something that’s often done in a jolly combination. He will kick your butt in Towerfall if given the chance.

Mikael Fløysand

Senior Designer

Mikael is a digital designer with a branding background, who a few years ago realized that business cards probably wasn’t the future of design. He spends his time in the middle of research, UX/UI design and development, trying to improve the product for our users across the globe. Is product designer what they call this stuff in Silicon Valley these days? Mikael has no idea. Anyway – he really cares about the user experience, ruthlessly focusing on improving the entire journey, because what is an experience if not the sum of everything? In his spare time he has a cider brewery he tries to get off the ground (available in bars in Oslo!) and spends all his money on used disco records on Discogs.

Héctor Gómez

Senior Software Engineer

Héctor has a very diverse background, from backend to frontend and back again. After leading mobile development teams for two years he is back in WEBland (where he belongs). He strives to find the simplest and most elegant solution to complex problems, while keeping an eye on maintainability and performance. For Héctor good design is a must – from the architecture to the code and of course the user interface. And it's because of this last point that he will go into great detail when discussing with our designers. As an eager photography enthusiast, this guy will take his camera(s) everywhere he goes, as he is always on the hunt for some good shots!

Ilan Cohen

Data Scientist

With a background in Computer Science, Ilan has been working with web data analysis for more than 10 years (since before it was even a twinkle in Google's eye).  As the appear.in Data Scientist he helps the team to understand "who, what, when, why, and how".  A native of Liverpool, UK he brings to the team his peculiar brand of Scouse humour, and English teabags.  Away from work, Ilan spends much of his spare time dismantling classic cars and motorcycles - and then wondering how to put them back together again.

Meri Sørgaard

Product Marketing Manager

Meri is our Social Media and Marketing wizard with endless enthusiasm for Norwegian nature, travelling and cooking. She thinks like a digital native and has at least two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop on her at all times. She has a degree in educational theory and uses that as her approach to marketing, communication and PR. As one of the youngsters in the team Meri already has half a decade within digital marketing in her hiking backpack, and knows who to poke when we have cool updates and stories to share. You never have to ask her what she did over the weekend, as it’s a safe bet it involved an outdoorsy activity (or you saw her always updated Snapchat-story).

Børge Dvergsdal

Customer Relationship Manager

Børge is positive, energetic and creative with a strong entrepreneurial can-DO mentality. Børge is our Customer Relation Manager and he is a curious person that likes meeting interesting people. Before joining appear.in he was the founder of a technology startup based both in Norway and Silicon Valley. He lives by the vision of “be inspired every day and every day inspire others” and has a goal of making a huge positive impact on this world. You might see him jogging early in the mornings (humming to the Rolling Stones) or finding him somewhere hiking in the mountains. He has watched Star Wars too many times and believes the force is strong in this generation

Christopher Loessl

Software Engineer

Is the the person to blame if the iOS version of appear.in isn’t behaving. Before he became an iOS developer Chris tried his luck - among other things - as a Linux developer and a Network Administrator (let's say he's happy not to be paged in the middle of the night anymore). In 2011 he planned to move abroad for half a year. Since then he desperately tries to figure out what went wrong, while he secretly thinks that moving abroad was one of the best decisions he made in his life so far. In his spare time he can be found climbing in and around Oslo however if you try to find him during work hours your best bet would be the cookie jar.

Walmyr Filho 

Software Engineer in QA

Working with software development focused on quality assurance and software testing since 2004, Walmyr is passionate for technology and believes that as the dog is the man’s best friend, automated tests are the best friends of software developers. Walmyr is from Brazil, where he completed a B.Sc. in Business Management with emphasis on information system analysis. As an active member in the tech community, he has both organized and spoken at several conferences. Also, Walmyr writes a blog called "Talking About Testing" and has a YouTube channel where he has created “hands on” videos teaching software test automation with the Protractor framework. He has also launched his first book at Leanpub in both Portuguese and English. In our team Walmyr is responsible for creating amazing e2e tests to ensure that application changes won’t break funcionalities from the perspective of real users. His favorite hobby is skateboarding, and he has two absolutely adorable cats that we meet on Instagram from time to time.

Philipp Hancke

Senior Software Engineer

Philipp is the WebRTC veteran on the team and spent the last four years before moving to Norway hunting down browser bugs related to WebRTC. He likes applying data science methods to the data we gather from productions systems because that helps him find even more bugs. One of the main reasons he was eager to come to Norway was that it offers some of the bests spots in the world for Snowkiting. And even in the summer Oslo offers great opportunities for hiking and inline-skating.

Paul Holliday

Senior Designer

Paul is the new boy on the team. He is a mix breed with a background in digital design/UI/UX. He has been known to submerge himself in code for fun and visual experiments. His work background is from Advertising and IT consultancies, where he worked with many known Norwegian brands. When not creating digital toys, he can be found shrink wrapped in neoprene windsurfing on the Oslo Fjord.

Jamy Golden

Software Engineer

Jamy is a software engineer from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. He is a coder at heart and always strives to learn something no matter what task he does. He tries to give back to the development community by contributing to open-source projects and teaching others. While he has had experience with various programming languages in numerous environments, he tends to gravitate towards client-side development and is therefore the go-to front-end developer. While it might not seem like it, he is actually an undercover mindful hippy. In his free time you will find him coding up a side-projects or doing something outdoors.

Silje Westgaard

User Experience researcher

Silje is our User Experience researcher with a background in industrial economics and technology. Her curiosity ended up straying her from the more traditional path of management consulting over to the field of user research. She believes that every good conversation starts with good listening, which is a good thing as she spends a lot of time listening to our users. Silje loves contrasts and can be found hiking anything from a Norwegian mountain to Oxford street in London, or just enjoying the midnight sun at her cabin on a tiny island above the arctic circle.

Yuriy Pavlyshak 

iOS Software Engineer

Yuriy joined the team to push both the iOS app and himself to a higher level. He used to be “the iOS guy” in his previous company in Ukraine, although he did a bit of С# development at the beginning of his career. He aims to keep things simple, embraces Swift and pays close attention to details – both internal and user-facing. Apart from that he enjoys riding his bike and snowboard, good music and exploring the world. Or sleeping.

Michael Kølleskov Gunnulfsen

Software Engineer

Brought in from the Costa del Sol of Norway (Langesund), Michael is a software developer with a romantic passion for code. Holding a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Oslo, his main interests lie in distributed systems, code architecture and front-end development. He loves to travel, and is a strong advocate for the nomadic lifestyle. In addition to this, Michael is also a start-up enthusiast, and co-founded the travel app Routes.guide. Michael usually spends his time having romantic code sessions together with a glass of wine, writing music, or play guitar with his band.

Ashley Sachs

Customer Support Manager

A Tennessee native now making her home in San Antonio, Texas, Ashley is our first US based employee. She has spent the majority of her career working for customer-first brands and loves networking in the tech start-up community. Ashley is a self-proclaimed foodie who believes that a large portion of the world's problems can be solved with either a breakfast taco, or a good helping of Southern-style biscuits and gravy. When she's not online ensuring you have the best experience with appear.In, you will find her running on a greenway, soaking up a New York Times Best Seller, or on a plane traveling around the world in search of adventure.  

Svein Willassen

Founder & Advisor

Svein has the somewhat rare combination of deep technical knowledge and product vision. He has the first PhD in Digital Forensics in Scandinavia and used to work with restoring deleted text messages and hard drives, and solving data crimes as a Special Investigator for the police. After selling his JavaME messaging startup a bit too soon to be acquired by Facebook, he has been working with developing software communication products for all platforms. He is obsessed with development speed and thinks every day is a good day to deploy code (preferably several times). As an avid beer-lover he makes sure all team dinners take place in an establishment with a beer menu of no less than 10 pages.


appear.in was launched in August 2013. The first prototype of the project was demoed by three interns two weeks after the internship started.

We quickly realized that this was something we should pursue further, so after a couple of more weeks of polishing, we released the first version to the world on August 5th, 2013, by posting this blog post on Hacker News. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and within a couple of days we had gotten a couple of thousand users. This was a very good help when persuading the management of Comoyo to let us set up a full team to keep developing appear.in. The project quickly turned into a startup with global ambitions, as we saw that users all over the globe were picking it up. Before Christmas 2013, appear.in had already been used in almost all countries in the world (bar a couple were Internet access is probably scarce). Since then, we have been constantly iterating on the product, based on feedback from users.