About appear.in

appear.in is a video collaboration tool that lets you have video conversations effortlessly without requiring any downloads. PRO supports up to 12 people simultaneously. Upgrade the room to PRO to customize it and for more great features. 

The appear.in team currently consist of 16 people. The long term ambition for appear.in is to create a global communication service that users love and use frequently.

Ingrid Ødegaard

Co-founder & CEO

Ingrid loves working in the intersection between tech, design and business, and has her vision set on changing the way people work. Having started her career right when the iPhone was launched has shaped her vision of what a good user experience should be, and her experience from startup companies, media and volunteer organizations sure come in handy often in the appear.in team. She believes people work best when they have colleagues they trust and can have fun together with, and also have a direct relationship with users of the product. To avoid becoming too comfortable she has taken up kitesurfing as a new hobby, and during winter time she can frequently be seen coming into the office with a ski bag on Fridays.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival

Chief Marketing Officer

Sean is ‘The Loud American’ at the office, even though he is rather soft-spoken. He’s a Los Angeles native who has also lived in both San Francisco and Las Vegas. So basically there is little he has not seen in terms of weird freaky stuff. With previous experience as Vice President at Myspace and through investing in over 120+ startups there’s also little he has not seen online. Especially the memes. So many memes. Today he’s the head of marketing and growth at appear.in, helping to bring the service to our next few millions of happy users.

Arne Georg Gleditsch

Head of Engineering

Arne is a jack of all trades who has had his fingers in many different flavors of programming pies over the years, from low-level assembly programming in the BIOS to Java applications in the enterprise. As a kid, he experimented with Perl, but the doctors tell us there's no permanent damage. The jury is still out on that one. He is currently trying to maintain a healthy balance between seeking the zen of the Flow State and doing manager things to remove obstacles for the rest of the engineering team. Occasionally, he succeeds. He is the one most likely to have added that Slack welcome quip quoting the Tao of Programming.

Mikael Fløysand

Product Development Manager

Mikael is a digital designer with a branding background, who a few years ago realized that business cards probably wasn’t the future of design. He spends his time in the middle of research, UX/UI design and development, trying to improve the product for our users across the globe. Is product designer what they call this stuff in Silicon Valley these days? Mikael has no idea. Anyway – he really cares about the user experience, ruthlessly focusing on improving the entire journey, because what is an experience if not the sum of everything? In his spare time he has a cider brewery he tries to get off the ground (available in bars in Oslo!) and spends all his money on used disco records on Discogs.

Paul Holliday

Senior Product Designer

Paul is a Product Designer with a mixed background from advertising, creative technologies, and graphic design. His focus is in User Experience/Interface (UX/UI), development, and research. Everything that the user, touches and interact with, Paul has been part of improving the experience and design. A native of the UK he has embraced Norway heartily and can be found either skiing, kayaking, or windsurfing on the Oslo Fjord.

Børge Dvergsdal

Customer Relationship Manager

Børge is positive, energetic and creative with a strong entrepreneurial can-DO mentality. Børge is our Customer Relation Manager and he is a curious person that likes meeting interesting people. Before joining appear.in he was the founder of a technology startup based both in Norway and Silicon Valley. He lives by the vision of “be inspired every day and every day inspire others” and has a goal of making a huge positive impact on this world. You might see him jogging early in the mornings (humming to the Rolling Stones) or finding him somewhere hiking in the mountains. He has watched Star Wars too many times and believes the force is strong in this generation

Stig-Erland Hansen

Senior Software Engineer

Stig-Erland is one of the old timers in Telenor Digital, having worked on many different projects requiring skills both on the frontend and backend. Originally a java guy, he was at one point known as "mr Payment", but has since then converted to the world of javascript by embarking on a rollercoaster ride, as so many before him, filled with joy and pain. Luckily it ended well and he is currently the "Chrome Extension" guy on the team. He is probably the only guy on the team being remotely interested in football, and he is a passionate Sarpsborg 08 supporter.

Héctor Gómez

Senior Software Engineer

Héctor has a very diverse background, from backend to frontend and back again. After leading mobile development teams for two years he is back in WEBland (where he belongs). He strives to find the simplest and most elegant solution to complex problems, while keeping an eye on maintainability and performance. For Héctor good design is a must – from the architecture to the code and of course the user interface. And it's because of this last point that he will go into great detail when discussing with our designers. As an eager photography enthusiast, this guy will take his camera(s) everywhere he goes, as he is always on the hunt for some good shots!

Yuriy Pavlyshak 

iOS Software Engineer

Yuriy joined the team to push both the iOS app and himself to a higher level. He used to be “the iOS guy” in his previous company in Ukraine, although he did a bit of С# development at the beginning of his career. He aims to keep things simple, embraces Swift and pays close attention to details – both internal and user-facing. Apart from that he enjoys riding his bike and snowboard, good music and exploring the world. Or sleeping.

Ashley Sachs

Customer Support Manager

A Tennessee native living in Chattanooga, Ashley is our first US based employee. She has spent the majority of her career working for customer-first brands and loves networking in the tech start-up community. Ashley is a self-proclaimed foodie who believes that a large portion of the world's problems can be solved with either a Texas style breakfast taco, or a good helping of Southern-style biscuits and gravy. When she's not online ensuring you have the best experience with appear.In, you will find her running on a greenway, soaking up a New York Times Best Seller, or on a plane traveling around the world in search of adventure.  

Kaja Swensen

User Researcher

With a background in educational science and work with educational technology, Kaja loves creating memorable experiences where learning and communication is at the core. She has enjoyed being apart of the startup space for the past years, and loves the energy of people working hard to make the world a better place. Kaja sees problems as challenges and always always seeks to understand. As a true researcher, she loves finding, discussing and testing possible solutions. Since good communication is key and the world is global, Kaja is motivated to make it easier, more efficient and fun to collaborate and work remotely. When not doing research or discussing products with the team, Kaja enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family. She also runs off to teach acrobatics once a week, as she is the director of a circus school for kids. So don’t get too surprised if you see her searching the fruit basket for something to juggle with

Aksel Nordal

Senior Software Engineer

Aksel has been creating web pages since the early dot.com days and knows a lot about the ins and outs of the web. While working within the media industry for several years, using appear.in as remote working tool, he wanted to join in on the party. JavaScript is the language of choice, even if he also groks some Java, PHP, perl and other programming languages. In his spare time, you might find him at a concert, digesting some great science fiction or browsing through some comics.

Odin Hørte Omdal

Senior Software Engineer

Odin likes Linux and web standards. He’s been writing a lot of Python earlier in his life, but got a love for Javascript after working on web specifications in W3C for Opera Software. Later he got directly involved with building the user interface for the Opera browser when more of it was being written in Javascript. He currently lives in Oxford England because it’s a nice place, even if he complains vigorously about the cycling infrastructure and car-centric city design. In theory he likes being active but it rarely happens in practice. When in Oslo he spends most of his leisure time at Bitraf, a local hackerspace.

Vincent Levinger

Customer Support Specialist

Vincent is a Colorado native, who loves finding a balance between technology and nature. As a Customer Support Specialist he strives to give every customer and exceptional experience, and does everything he can to turn them into product experts. With roots in the hospitality industry, he champions customer satisfaction, and knows that very few customer requests cannot be satisfied. In his spare time, you may find him playing the hottest new game (Overwatch is his current muse), or hiking through the extensive trails of the Rocky Mountains. Recently, he’s started construction on his 100% off-grid, sustainable living structure called an Earthship, which he hopes to live in full-time within a year or two.


appear.in was launched in August 2013. The first prototype of the project was demoed by three interns two weeks after the internship started.

We quickly realized that this was something we should pursue further, so after a couple of more weeks of polishing, we released the first version to the world on August 5th, 2013, by posting this blog post on Hacker News. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and within a couple of days we had gotten a couple of thousand users. This was a very good help when persuading the management of Comoyo to let us set up a full team to keep developing appear.in. The project quickly turned into a startup with global ambitions, as we saw that users all over the globe were picking it up. Before Christmas 2013, appear.in had already been used in almost all countries in the world (barring a couple where Internet access is probably scarce). Since then, we have been constantly iterating on the product, based on feedback from users.