Collaborate from anywhere

Startup Weekend participants get 6 months free premium to boost collaboration in teams!

Being an entrepreneur means you need to be flexible and may have to work from anywhere. Our goal with has been to remove all barriers to using video communication, to make it easier to be productive as a team. Now we want to enable founders and startup teams to become even more productive, and able to collaborate globally. 

Through our partnership, Startup Weekend participants will have six months free access to the new premium version of (currently in beta), which supports up to 12 people in a conversation. The premium version includes:

  • Support for 12 people in video conversation
  • Server boost: Improved stability and quality of calls, reduced CPU usage
  • Branding of your room with custom logo and background image
  • Share your screen while presenting


How to redeem your coupon:

To get premium, just

1: Create your own room on, or enter an existing room name

2: Click "Claim" in the top menu, if you don't already own the room 
(if you don't see the "Claim button, the room is probably already claimed by someone)

3: Go to Settings in top menu & click "Upgrade".

4: Click "I have a coupon" and enter the coupon you have received in an email from Startup Weekend organizers in your city.

This will give you 6 months free access to premium (your credit card will not be charged before the coupons expire, you can cancel at any time).

Enjoy effortless video conversations with up to 12 people on web and mobile!


Stay in touch and give us feedback! 

We would love to involve you in the ongoing development of, if you want to know about improvements or be the first to give feedback on prototypes and new ideas, sign up here:

How do we work?

  • We constantly talk to our users to understand their needs, and get ideas for new features
  • We make prototypes and test them out on real people (you!)
  • We launch early and iterate

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