Remote Toolbox Cheat Sheet

We believe that remote work can be both productive and social. It's all about choosing the right tools, building culture and finding routines that fit your team. By setting up your workspace in a clever way, you can be productive while collaborating from anywhere! Here’s our complete list of favorites for a smooth soft/hardware setup for your space, wherever that might be 💻 🌍

Our favorite hardware setup

You don't have to be in the office to have your daily meetings. With a simple setup it's possible to use as your main video meeting tool. Here are our favorite hardware gadgets to pick and choose from! 


Jabra portable speaker & microphone 

Depending on the size of your meeting space or physical room, Jabra Speak Series offer a range of portable USB and Bluetooth® speakerphones. For smaller rooms and remote souls, we recommend the pocked sized Jabra Speak 510. If you have a more stationary setup and more participants, the Jabra Speak 810 offers crystal clear sound for up to large conference rooms.

Bose Headphones

Good audio = productive video meetings! Bose makes this possible. They are comfy, offer clear audio and cancels out everything you don't want to disturb you. And, you know, they look good! Our favorite is the Quiet Comfort series.

Huddly GO Web Cam

Say hello to the confectionary of all webcams, Huddly, the world’s smallest intelligent camera that gives you the freedom to express yourself and collaborate from anywhere with It’s sleek, smooth and energy efficient technology gives your video meetings that extra angle (pun intended). We simply love Huddly – and it just works so heavenly well together with ❤️. We have even written a review about the newest Huddly Go.

Our Favorite Software


Trello for task management

Our favorite and go-to task management tool, Trello, lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello's boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects and tasks. Did you know that you can add an room to your Trello board?

In just one click is the quickest way to fire up a video meeting directly from your Trello board! Take a look at this video to see how simple customisation lets you decide on the wished room linked to your board.

Invision for design prototyping

The prototyping and user testing tool, Invision, lets you upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes.

GitHub for developer productivity

GitHub lets you host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.

A safe place for your files ☁️

File synchronization. Documentation. Drafts. Backups. At we have embraced both Dropbox, Google Drive and Confluence. Just remember to make things searchable and sensible for future you and your team, and you're ready to collaborate on files in the cloud! ☁️ 👍

Pst!!! We have 4 more Pro Ninja Tips for you 🗡 💻

  1. When using and other cloud based tools at a coworking space or common office, is to equip your meeting rooms with network cables. This makes it is easy to plug in for people having video meetings. Overloaded WiFi routers are the biggest source of quality issues in, and plugging in a network cable eliminates this 🏢
  2. A pro tip for, is to add "?widescreen" to the room link, if you're in a large meeting with lots of people in front of one camera. This gives you the full frame from the camera, in widescreen format! Your room link will be Since this will send more data, it's not recommended if you're talking on someone on a low bandwidth connection. 🎥
  3. When inviting someone new or external to a meeting, it's important to seem professional! Make sure everyone in the room is visible on screen and that your external microphone is not hiding behind your laptop creating muffled audio. 🎤
  4. If you know you are attending from a "noisy" location like a café, invest in a proper headset that cancels out surrounding jangle👂 🎧



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