How we work

At we're always thinking of ways to make better for the user and aim to make the simplest and most productive video meeting tool on the market! Our team is a young, international, friendly, creative, professional, remote, happy, social and productive bunch of people! Together we have fun while releasing new features as soon as they are done (even if everything is not polished). 

The team currently consist of 17 people. The long term ambition for is to create a global communication service that users love and use frequently.

Vacancies at

At the moment we are looking for a Software Engineer (Fullstack JavaScript) to join our team. In addition to having an office in Oslo, we have a remote working policy – allowing people to work from anywhere and manage their own day.

Not an engineer or looking for a job right now? We are always look to build our network and invite you to become part of ours. That way, you'll be the first to know when there are any other openings. Simply follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin to stay updated 😀

The philosophy

Since the only constant thing in the (Internet) world is change, we believe that launching a product is merely the beginning of a process where the product is adapted to users ever-changing needs and behavior. We’re heavily inspired by the Lean Startup philosophy of prototyping a minimum viable product to test and iterate on, though we generally don’t believe in rigid philosophies or methods and pick the elements that work for us.

We have found that product development is best done in iterations, starting out with discussing the high-level idea and getting all complications on the table, before exploring different directions. Then we prototype something and test it on real users, which usually leads to a revised concept and hopefully a simplification of the feature/process. When we’ve interpreted the user feedback and found something that works, we polish it and make it look good. This sometimes happen after the feature has been deployed in production, as we’re not afraid of changing things even after they’ve been released.

If you're curious about what's being launched right now, visit our blog to read more. We're also sharing stories from the way we work on our (remote) instagram profile!

Having fun

Since we spend around half of our time awake at work, we think it’s important to work with great people and to have fun while working. Since we have a remote culture, and our team is permanently spread accross three countries and two continents (sometimes even more!), we think it's important to get together for social activites both over and IRL.

Every Friday we concquer the timezones and meet for "Friday-Friyay" get-together on, where we share things like awkward stories from our first jobs or what our favorite YouTube video is. Twice or more a year we gather for offsites where the whole team gathers at a remote location to both work and have fun together as a group. So far we have done things like hiked the highest mountain in Norway and checked the 3G connection there, learned how to snow kite at Finse, escaped an "Escape Room"! Let's say we are the type of team that won't say no to a new challenge!

What we look for

Vision – Our team to consists of people who collaborate from everywhere and want to create for the future! We're constantly trying to come up with ideas for things that haven’t been done before, and look for people with the same mind-set.

Passion – We believe that life is better when you work with something that you’re really passionate about. So we look for that spark in someone’s eye!

Quality – We care more about quality than perfectionism, and the very most about the user! has become what it is today because we have released features when we were still a bit embarrased about the way they looked. If you're able to see things from the user point of view and not too afraid of user feedback, maybe you're the right fit ;)

Curiosity – Since we work with cutting-edge web technologies, there are always new tools, frameworks and libraries to check out and learn. Ideally you have an experimental mindset and interested in following the latest trends in the development,design and SaaS community.