Great features easy video meetings


No login for guests

appear.in allows your guests to easily enter your meeting with one link. There are no login or passcodes to remember.

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12 participants

appear.in PRO lets you have meetings with up to 12 participants. Upgrade for $9.99/month.


Screen sharing

Upgrade to PRO for unlimited screen sharing, presenter view, and auto fullscreen.


Flexible layout

Drag and drop to arrange videos, enlarge or go fullscreen to see more. Auto fullscreen in PRO only.


Locked rooms

Lock your room for private meetings. Privacy settings can be set for both guests and team members.

Custom branding

Make your video meetings rooms part of your office by adding your logo and background.


Add members to your rooms to allow them to enter locked rooms and have more control.

Mobile & Desktop

Works best on Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Also handles weak networks with audio only mode.

Available on iPhone and Android.


Super charge your meetings with your own toolbox.



Invite to your common rooms easily from Slack.



Watch YouTube videos together inside your room

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