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Learning how to communicate is one of the core things we learn in school. Whether it's reading words written by others, writing our own opinions, presenting our work or collaborating in a group, students develop their communication skills every day. With new technology, the way we communicate also changes. lets you communicate in the most natural way; seeing the person you're talking to, hearing their voice and taking in all their body language. 

Why use in the classroom? 

When we launched in 2013, one of the first communities we saw started using it was teachers. Some of the things we have seen it used for: 

  • Talking to students in another country in language class
  • Playing Kahoot! quizes with other classes
  • Allowing students to call into class when they're not able to get to school (because of illness, disabilities, snow, security threaths etc.)
  • Tutoring students when they're home
  • Meeting with students and parents
  • Communicating with students during group tasks or projects, where students work in different rooms around school

On this page, we have gathered some resources that will get you started with using in the classrom. If you have used in a cool way, we would love to hear about it! Send you story to and we'll add it to this page.




Want a visit from to your class? 

We are happy to visit your school and give a guest lecture on product development, design, programming and entrepreneurship! Right now we can only visit schools in Norway, but we hope to expand internationally soon.

To arrange a visit, get in touch at


Topics for class visits 

We can offer visits from 1-1,5 hour lectures to full-day workshops, covering these topics:

  • Inspirational talk on why working with technology is cool! 
  • What we actually do in our jobs
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product development of apps and websites
  • Design
  • User research
  • Marketing
  • Programming

Topics for extended workshops (3-5 hours):

  • Ideation workshop - students come up with their own ideas for improvements/features in, draw sketches and present
  • Programming workshop in JavaScript/WebRTC - students build their own version of! (requires basic programming skills)

We are happy to adapt the content of our visit to the level/needs of your class.


Benefits for students 

Based on previous visits, this is feedback we have gotten: 

  • Students get introduced to theory about product development, design and marketing illustrated with real-life examples they can relate to
  • Students get insight into what it takes to create an internet product from scratch
  • Students get to be involved in the product development (ideation workshop)
  • Students get a sense of mastering programming by creating their own version of (programming workshop)
  • Students get to meet young people that work in tech as role models

If you want us to visit your school, or you have a cool story to share, feel free to contact our User Experience Researcher Ane through a PM on Facebook or send an email to


Photos from previous school visits: