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Video conversations with up to 8 people for free.

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How to get started

1. Create a room

Choose any name for your room. Or let us generate a cool random name for you.

2. Copy & share the link

Copy the link to the room and send it on e-mail, chat, SMS etc. to those you want to talk to.

3. Appear together!

Once they click the link, they will appear in the room with you!


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You can use on your phone, and join a conversation from anywhere.

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How it works

Start talking in seconds

It has never been easier to start talking over video to your friends, family or coworkers.

With you can:

  • send messages and links in text chat while seeing each other on video
  • claim your own personal video room
  • set a custom background image of the room
  • lock the room for private conversations
  • share your screen

No installation required

You only need one of the supported browsers listed to the right. is built with a new web standard called WebRTC.
For you this means no plugins or installation. .
Currently WebRTC is only supported in the browsers .
listed on desktop and devices with newer version of Android.

What people say

"It's so easy it almost hurts"

Kate Russell, BBC Click